We implemented a new library management system. The texts are currently adapted and updated.

The user account is a service that allows registered and logged in users to view their account and to renew and reserve items.

Searching is possible for registered and non-registered users alike.
The user can search the library catalogue. In the detailed view of each single medium it is possible to post a reservation for this medium by clicking on the „Reservation“ button. The user has to be logged in to post a reservation.

Registration - Login

Users can log in with their User ID (number of the library card) and a password.
Note: To log in online the user needs a library card. The card is issued in the library only since the user must be known to the library and his data must be saved in the library’s database.
Enter the User ID the way you find it on your library card and use your date of birth in the format dd.mm.yyyy as password (or else, the password assigned to you by the Provincial library or the password you already created).
If the data is correct, the system will check whether you left an e-mail address. In the case you have not, the system will ask you to insert one. The Library will send all messages and replies to this address.

Lost password

If you are a registered user and lost your password, you can request it anew on our homepage („User account“). Enter your User ID, click on „Lost password“, enter your User ID again and click on „Send“. The new password will be sent to your e-mail address. After having logged in, you can change your password anytime by going to „User details“.

View your User account

The user can view his/her user details, outstanding lendings, reservations and charging rates online at any time.

Change of User details

You can change your password and e-mail address by yourself. To avoid typing errors you will be asked to enter your new details twice. All other details of your account can only be displayed - to change them you need to ask the library staff.

View lendings and renew items

Simply click on “Lendings“ to get a list of the media you have on loan. You can renew all items on loan within the loan period limits set by the Library.

Make reservations

As soon as you are logged in, you can post a reservation. In case you are not logged in and click on “reservation”, a button will appear linking you to the login page.
You can reserve each medium that is declared as circulating and come and get it directly at the circulation desk within 10 days. This information is sent to you via e-mail each time you post a reservation.

If the medium is on loan or has already been ordered, a reservation is posted automatically when you click on „Reservations“. You will receive an e-mail with all the necessary information after having posted a reservation. As soon as the medium is returned to the library, you will automatically receive a notification email. You can come and collect the medium at the circulation desk within 10 days.

View reservations

By clicking on “Reservations” you can view your reservations and cancel them as long as they are not yet being kept ready for you at the circulation desk. After having cancelled the reservation you will receive an e-mail containing the necessary information. 

User account (german) (We implemented a new library management system. The texts are currently adapted and updated.)

Delivery to libraries that are part of the South Tyrolean interlibrary loan

Users of these libraries can order media from the Teßmann collection and let them be sent to their district library (Brixen, Bruneck, Eppan, Lana, Leifers (Library Don Bosco), Mals, Meran, Neumarkt (Library in the Ballhaus and Library Endidae), Salurn, Sand in Taufers, Sankt Ulrich, Schlanders, Stern, Sterzing and Toblach). The users can post their requests in the district libraries, which then reserve the desired media at the Dr. Friedrich Teßmann Library in their respective user account.
Users of our library also have the possibility to reserve media and let them be sent to the district library closest to them. For that aim choose your district library before you post the reservation.
We only deliver available media to the district libraries. The district libraries are served once a week.
For reservations arriving up to and including Tuesday, in the district libraries the following days are the days of delivery:
Fridays: Brixen, Mals, Meran, Sankt Ulrich, Schlanders, Sterzing
Saturdays: Bruneck, Eppan, Lana /Don Bosco, Neumarkt (Library in the Ballhaus and Library Endidae), Sand in Taufers, Toblach
Tuesday: Salurn, Stern

Flyer "South Tyrolean interlibrary loan"