IT workstations with internet access

In the foyer, IT workstations are at our readers’ disposal. Here you can search the Library catalogue, consult the Portal "Teßmann Digital", surf the internet and create and edit your own documents.
At the information desk, you can ask for a notebook to consult databases and audiobooks that cannot be borrowed.
The costs for printouts are debited from copy cards available at the circulation desk.

A4 black/white
€ 0.10 per printed page
A3 black/white € 0.20 per printed page
A4 Color  € 0.30 per printed page
A3 Color € 0.40 per printed page

Internet Access

Readers who are at least 16 years old can use internet after having filled in a registration form in the library. Readers who are less than 16 years old need a statement of agreement signed by their parents. For the registration we need an ID-card or a valid passport and for non-EU-citizens also a permit of residence.
According to the Ministerial Decree of 16 August 2005 (anti-terror policy) the personal data of the internet users must be collected and saved in a special register. Each single access of the internet users will be minuted and registered (see also privacy-declaration and the library regulations of the Dr. Friedrich Teßmann Library concerning the IT-workplaces).

Internet access with the Library's User ID (for registered users)
Access to internet is available for all registered users. Login occurs with the Library's User ID and the according Password.