Call numbers

„Call numbers“ are numbers on the books that clearly identify each of our books. The books are shelved in the stack room according to this running number and divided by format.

Examples for call numbers

II 123.566
the Roman numeral at the beginning specifies the format of the book
III A-7.216
the prefixed A shows that the item is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ collection
II Z 1.100
the letter Z indicates our newspapers and periodicals

If you request a book, please do not forget to always specify all parts of the call number and do not forget the point that separates the thousands!

Special locations

Reading room
The books in the reading room are destined for quick look ups and can thus not be borrowed or taken out of the library. You can, though, photocopy parts of these books.
Flyer of the Teßmann Library reading room (german)
Auxiliary stack
Some collections of newspapers and old stocks are located in the auxiliary stack and are retrieved twice a week on demand.
Requests that are submitted within Monday evening, at 7 p.m., are available at the circulation desk on Tuesday, from 2 p.m. on; requests submitted within Thursday, 7 p.m. are available at the circulation desk from Friday, 2 p.m. on.


Microforms are information carriers that do not offer pieces of information in printed version but on a roll film (microfilm) or on a microfiche.
With the aid of special reading and copying devices (reader-printers) these media can be consulted and copied at the reader’s expense in the microfilm reading room of the Südtiroler Landesarchiv (with previous registration).


Each week we display our newly acquired books in the foyer.
Normally, these books remain on display for one week until they are sent to the stack room.
Accessions from and about South Tyrol are presented separately under the “Tyrolean literature” heading.

Periodicals area

In the display shelves of the periodicals display you will find the latest issues of a part of our specialized periodicals. As they are the latest issues you cannot borrow these numbers, but of course you can photocopy from them.
Please note that we can display only a small part of our newspapers and periodicals in the reading room. You can order older issues from the stack room by indicating the call number, the year of publication and the desired issue.

Photocopying facilities

With a copy card you can make photocopies using the two black-and-white photocopiers in the foyer. According to your needs you can acquire different copy cards:

10 points
1.00 € 
20 points
2.00 € 
50 points  5.00 € 
100 points  10.00 €

A4 s/w  0,10 €  
A3 s/w 0,20 €
A4 Color 0,30 €
A3 Color 0,40 €

The book scanner offers the possibility to scan free of charge and to save the files on USB flash drive in the following formats: jpeg, pdf single page, pdf multipage, tiff single page, tiff multipage.
The costs for prints correspond to the ones indicated above.