For the use of the Dr. Friedrich Teßmann Library no fees are being charged except for the cases established in the present Fees Regulation. In particular, the users have at their free disposal support and information services and the Library's information material, notably catalogues, bibliographies, reference books, databases and online services including the necessary devices. The Library supports the user, as far as possible, when searching information and doing bibliographical searches.

For the costs arising when media are not returned on time, for photocopies and printouts, for the access to the internet and for Inter-Library Loans the Library will proportionally charge the following fees to the user:

1. Overdue fines

If media are not returned on time, the Library charges the following overdue fines for each medium:

1. overdue notice (1 day after expiration of the due date)
2.00 € for each medium
2. overdue notice (14 days after expiration of the due date)
4.00 € for each medium
3. overdue notice (28 days after expiration of the due date)
6.00 € for each medium
4. overdue notice (42 days after expiration of the due date)
8.00 € for each medium

Each following overdue notice is being sent out after 14 days and increases the amount of the overdue fee of 2.00 € for each medium.

2. Library card

The issuance of the first library card is free of charge and gives the user the right to borrow media from the Dr. Friedrich Teßmann Library. If the library card gets lost, the user can ask for a new library card paying a small compensation of 3.00 €. The loss of the library card must immediately be reported to the Library so that the card can be blocked for borrowing. 

3. Inter-Library Loan and document delivery

If the delivery is successful, the following costs arise to the user:

Flat fee per requested and delivered book 
4.00 € 
Basic fee per essay
1.00 € 
+ per photocopied page (A4 / A3)
0.25 € 

The Library reserves the right to decide on the suppliers and delivery channels.

4 Photocopies, printouts and scans

The Library provides photocopying machines and printers for the users. Prices for printouts and photocopies:  

A4 b/w
0.10 € 
A3 b/w
0.20 € 
A4 colour
0.30 € 
A3 colour 0.40 €

The book Scanners in the Foyer and the reading room offer the possibility to scan free of charge and to save the files on USB flash drive in the following formats: jpeg, pdf singlepage, pdf multipage, tiff singlepage, tiff multipage.
The costs for printouts correspond to the ones indicated above and are debited from copy cards available at the circulation desk.

5. Loss of or damage to works  

In case of loss of or damage to works or other Library possessions full-value compensation is to be paid. If the medium is still available commercially, the user has to pay the book trade price. For media which can be replaced only by referring to the antiques market, the user has to pay the offering price plus an additional compensation of expenses of 5.00 €. If it is not possible to replace the medium in this way, the user has to pay the book trade price for an equivalent substitute. If losses of media from the Library's special collections cannot be replaced in any of the above mentioned ways, the user will be charged the effective Inter-Library Loan, photocopying and bookbinding costs.

6. Lockers in the coatroom

The Dr. Friedrich Teßmann Library provides the users with free locker keys for the lockers in the coatroom. If the key is lost, the Library claims a compensation of 30.00 €.

The collection of the fees and charges is entrusted to the Library personnel at the circulation desk.